Where to Stay if You Spend Your Weekend in Devon

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Do you have the next weekend free and you would like to visit a nice area of England but you are still not decided where to go? If you find yourself in a confusing situation like this, then what we recommend you to do is to go to Devon. This UK’s county is absolutely amazing and it is the perfect place for relaxation and for having a great time with your family or friends.

We all know that choosing the accommodation for holiday can be quite difficult, given the fact that some places are very expensive, while others are reasonably priced but not too comfortable or nice. However, we have made some research for you and we found some beautiful places in Devon, in case this is your next destination. Therefore, check them out and see if there is anything you fancy.

Hillview Cottage

This wonderful cottage is not only very comfortable, but it also has plenty to offer from an indoor heated pool to a fully equipped kitchen. The rooms are very spacious and they are perfect not only for single people but for couples as well. Do you have children as well? Then this is not a problem because the Hillview Cottage has 2 large bedrooms where a family of four can spend a great time. On the other hand, when it comes to outdoors, there is not only a wonderful view but an amazing lake where you can swim as well. Furthermore, you can also take some fishing lessons, in case you are passionate about this.

Royal William Yard

Another fantastic accommodation in Devon is the Royal William Yard. Here, the apartment is without a doubt luxurious and the sea view is perfect for a romantic couple. Spending a whole weekend in this place will surely help you completely recharge your batteries. You will not feel only very comfortable but you will also spend two days in a quiet and peaceful place. The only disadvantage is that there is no parking place. However, you will surely find one just outside the Royal William Yard. You probably expect that an apartment like this is expensive, but it is actually reasonably priced, and if you book it in advance you will surely get a discount.



Villa Garda Townhouse

As mentioned earlier, Devon is a wonderful place to visit on a free weekend, with the whole family or just on your own. We are convinced that a good accommodation can improve the quality of your short vacation and this is why we found some of the best places for you, and the list also includes the Villa Garda Townhouse. There are 3 spacious recently renovated bedrooms, with an amazing sea view. A private garden is also provided, so that you can have a romantic dinner, again with a beautiful sea view. You can either rent one room for you and your partner or even the entire villa, in case you spend your free weekend with friends. No matter what you choose to do, a great relaxation is guaranteed at the Villa Garda Townhouse.

In order to conclude, we would like to inform all our readers about a very important detail related to all the above accommodation. These locations provide at a request, wedge pillows. You probably know that their benefits are amazing, and after a long journey, they can be absolutely excellent. Wedge pillows are specially designed for helping individuals who deal with loud and disturbing snoring, back and neck pains, sleep apnea, heartburn, and more. There are people who cannot use regular pillows and they need these items even when they go on vacation, and that’s why it is important that all hotels offer, even if it is only at a request, wedge pillows. However, if you decide to visit Devon in the near future, then you might take into account this detail and book your room at any of the above locations. Keep in mind that if you are a mother-to-be, then a wedge pillow will offer you the necessary comfort for having a superb holiday.




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