How English People Have Fun

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If there is a city in this world where people of all ages enjoy their weekends to the fullest, then that city is without a doubt London. The amazing capital of England is the place where you can be yourself and do whatever you want without being judged. Therefore, if you want to spend your next holiday in this metropolitan city, then you must know exactly what to do for a memorable night out. For more information about this subject, here is how English people have fun.

Fantastic places for having a drink with your friends

Everyone knows that English people love going out for a drink, not only on weekends. Therefore, you will find in London lots of excellent pubs where you can enjoy a glass of beer or wine, and also incredible cocktails. Pubs and bars are without a doubt plenty in this metropolitan city, not only in the center but in every neighborhood as well. If you visit London, we recommend you to go to the French House, a cozy pub situated in the Central London, and which has an eclectic clientele. Other wonderful pubs that we recommend you to go to are The Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, The Mr Fogg’s Tavern, The Dove, The Churchill Arms, The Flask, and The Old Ship. All these places are very popular and very loved by English people. Take into account the fact that if you travel alone you can still have fantastic night outs in London if you request the services of an escort. There are plenty of london escorts sites with beautiful and intelligent girls that can please even the most demanding customer.



Do you want to enjoy a delicious meal in London?

If you go to England you will see that the locals also love to eat and try different cuisines. They go out for dinner with friends or family quite often, comparing to other nationalities, and they find this a fantastic opportunity for socializing. Therefore, if you are a gourmand as well, then you need to know exactly where to go for enjoying a fantastic meal in the capital of England. Depending on what your tastes are, you can choose between English traditional cuisine, French cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Indian Cuisine, and so on. However, there are a few places we would like to recommend to you. For example, for Indian food you should go to Sheba or Amrutha Lounge, for Mediterranean cuisine you must have a meal at the Bar 61 Restaurant, for seafood, fast food and traditional English meals you should go to The Golden Chippy, and for a delicious Italian dinner the Sara of Pomodoro E Basilico restaurant is exactly what you need.

Amazing locations for nature lovers

English people also have fun outdoors. They love going to all sort of events with, especially if they have children. One thing is sure you can never be bored in London. It doesn’t matter that it rains you can always find something fantastic to do. Therefore, if you are a nature lover, you can have a great time by spending a whole day in the amazing parks that London has, and which are absolutely magical. You will be impressed by the beautiful combination of trees, flowers, and lakes. Furthermore, each park has terraces where you can enjoy a delicious tea or coffee and have a delicious breakfast or lunch.


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